Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arrakis, here I come!

I'm in a very happy state of mind right now, the reason being my latest haul from the library! I've been waiting to lay my hands on Frank Herbert's Dune for a long time now, especially because I was forced to return it the last time; someone had the gall to reserve it while it was still in my possession. So I'd dropped it off with a heavy heart, promising myself that I would get back soon to the epic that's touted to be sci-fi's answer to Lord of the Rings. And finally, after a long long wait, life has come full circle: my place hold has been successful this time. Ha! :)
So, one fine Saturday afternoon, I dropped by the library with the sole intent of picking up my precious Dune, but apparently...

So I ended up at the Tolkien shelf, and had to get The Silmarillion (fantasy and sci-fi go hand in hand, right?). And when I was just about to check out and leave, Naipaul's A bend in the River called out to me. I must admit: I've never read Naipaul before, and was quite curious to know why this man is such a phenomenon. But I couldn't decide which scandal-afflicted Indo-Brit author I was more intrigued by: Naipaul or Rushdie. And so, in an attempt to be impartially intimidated, I got Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories too. I now have a great deal of reading to catch up on, but hey, who's complaining? :)